Namaste, I'm Aristide.

All my stuff fits in a 40L bag. And at the bakery I take the same sandwich as my friends.

My apartment contains a sofa bed and a table (which scares people). And I always buy the same pair of shoes by changing the color.

It simplifies the decision-making and keeps me focused on what really matters.

That's why I work as Product Owner.

Build a great product is a story about love.

What I've been up to..

  1. The Computer Science Research Lab of  Lille as Product Designer with Figma and Javascript.
    I learned to find relevant visualizations to represent the data. Taking into account the constraints and without distorting reality.

  2. The Equisense Startup as Backend Developer for my 6-months internship. Their story is about care and horses.
    I learned
    to develop a backend, a REST API and webservices in Go and Python. Work and organize with a (great) team
    And the most important: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

  3. Norauto IT department as Product Owner (6 months).
    Their mission was about an IT overhaul

    I learned
     the operational part of the PO's job. How to validate a US? Whould we estimate our tasks? Should we do the daily at the begining or end of the day? What metrics should we follow? Etc.

  4. The Energic Startup as Product Owner (1y).
    Their story is about ecology and games.
    I learned things about Vision and Roadmap. Why are we doing this? What are our targets? What is our funnel? What is the focus? What does the user really want? Etc.

So I know things about..

  • Suggesting ideas for your product Vision and the Roadmap.
  • Processing feedback from stakeholders to prioritize developments and translate into stories.
  • Prioritise the backlog.
  • Ensure common understanding of project and task specifications, getting into technical discussions.
  • Following KIPs to identify new features.
  • Improving processes, optimizing the value of the work.

Shoot me a message.

I'm actually working on..

  • StupidTodo: a Saas for Solo Entrepreneurs to stay focused on what really matters.
  • A Udemy Course about How to become a product owner in a startup without bullshit.
  • My blog about What I learned in IA.


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