I'm a Backend developer very interested in the User Research

Namaste, I'm Aristide

All my stuff fits in a 40L bag. At the bakery I take the same sandwich as my friends. My apartment contains a sofa bed and a table (which scares people). And I always buy the same pair of shoes by changing the color.

9 seconds is the time it takes to read these lines. It is also the time it takes to make a decision. Continue reading or leave the page. That's why I like to write.

What I did

I worked in startups as Backend Dev and I am self-taught User Researcher. Anyway everything is here.

I traveled for two years as a bagpacker. To get different results, you must do things Differently. That's what they said..

And my saas project is failed. I learned the product market fit.

What I do

I'm actually working as freelance (ux) writer or user researcher.

My sides projects are my newsletter, a game and a project about notes.

Reading some books each month.

Who I am