Namaste, I'm Aristide :)

All my stuff fits in a 40L bag. And at the bakery I take the same sandwich as my friends.

My apartment contains a sofa bed and a table (which scares people). And I always buy the same pair of shoes by changing the color.

It simplifies the decision-making and keeps focused on what really matters.

That's why I'm a self-taught  Product Designer  with a background in tech who love simple things.

I am interested in User Experience and Engagement.

You can check my first Case Study (in progress), my skills and experiences.

About   Product  I'm useful..

  • Suggesting ideas for your Roadmap
  • Processing feedback to prioritize dev
  • Managing the backlog
  • Following KPIs to identify new features
  • Getting into technical discussions
  • Improving processes, optimizing the value

And I know   Tech  things..

  • Impoving REST API or GraphQL
  • Working with Document Databases and Relational
  • Strong focus on data
  • Producing documentation
  • Understand the needs
  • Knowledge of UX

Then about  Design  I'm learning..

  • User Research (workshops, testing, interviews)
  • Making my work scalable with a Design System
  • Improving the User Experience

I worked for..

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I'm actually working on..

  • StupidTodo. A  Saas  for Solo Entrepreneurs to stay focused on what really matters.
  • A Udemy  Course . About How to become a Product Owner in a startup without bullshit.
  • My Substack  blog About What I learned in IA.

My old projects.

My fav Books, Podcasts and Videos.