Optimiser l'UX pour augmenter  l'engagement  utilisateur

Pourquoi consacrer toute son énergie, temps et budget à attirer plus d'utilisateurs, et ne rien faire pour les conserver ?


1 Understanding

Identifying the problem. What are the issues going on within this product? Why? Why is it better than the competitors’ products? What are the current practice?

2 Explore

Align what was built with what was coming next

Also, researchers can tell what has been decided in the past and what hasn't been explored yet.

3 Ideation

Sketchs of a product. It helps figure out how a screen is arranged, where each piece of a product fits in with the others, and how users will likely interact. To demonstrate the basic structure. Starting to realize what the solution is and why it needs to be done a certain way.

4 Deciding

You have a lot of potential solutions. Now it's time to decide which solutions you want to build.

Then we can create information architecture (how the content is organized, categorized and structured) and the user flow journey.

5 Prototyping

An early model of a product that demonstrates functionality. A prototype illustrates a progression from one screen to the next. to quickly allow user to interact and provide feedback. Don't need a finished product, just something realistic enough to test with users. 

6 (Usability) Testing

Observe how users react and then interview them about their experiences. You gain critical insight about changes that need to be made.

The like button has earned Facebook billions of dollars. Because once
you like, they can guarantee a company that they can place their ads where they’ll be seen by someone who’s already interested in that product

Case Studies






Integrate new feature to expand capabilities and help users to do something else. more



Align what was built with what was coming next. more



Explore a new Audience. more



Design an experience for employees and sell this experience for managers. more


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