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Why spend all of your energy, time and budget on attracting more users, and not doing anything to keep them?

Improve User Experience by having a deep understanding of user behaviour to Increase Customer Engagement.

What we will do?

1 Understanding the problem

What are the issues going on within this product? Why? The requirements-gathering process to discover the user's current practices.

2 Explore

Researchers can tell what has been decided in the past and what hasn't been explored yet.

3 Ideation

Sketchs of a product. It helps figure out how a screen is arranged and how users will likely interact. Starting to realize what the solution is and why it needs to be done a certain way. 

You have a lot of potential solutions.

4 Deciding

Now it's time to decide which solutions you want to build.

Then we can create information architecture (how the content is organized, categorized and structured) and the user flow journey.

5 Prototyping

A prototype illustrates a progression from one screen to the next to quickly allow user to interact and provide feedback. Don't need a finished product, just something realistic enough to test with users. 

6 (Usability) Testing

Observe how users react and then interview them about their experiences. You gain critical insight about changes that need to be made.


Have a deep understanding of user behaviour, expectations, needs and motivations to generate design improvements.

Help the product team with design decision and product strategy by providing meaningful and actionable insights.

Understand and synthesise the business goals and opportunities to identify hight-impact questions.

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